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Vehicles of various models have always been popular in movies. Four-wheel drive gave it all-weather capability - handy in this damp and pleasant land - and our V-Spec models were also equipped with ATTESSA-ETS-PRO, a system which switched drive to whichever of the four wheels most needed it, correcting the car if it skidded from its intended line.

Speaking of more comfortable seats, Nissan is upping the GT-R's selling point as a viable touring car across the board. Soon afterwards, with regulations regarding vehicle emissions tightening and the oil crisis, Nissan downsized their racing activities and the GT-R disappeared from the podiums.

While it retained all-wheel drive, the gearbox was now a six-speed automatic, and the engine a 3.8-litre V6. What's in a name, you must think, but with the R35, Nissan decided to distance the high performance model from the Skyline range, hence the R35 is just called GT-R.

Nissan and design house Italdesign have created a sleek new a new prototype to commemorate the GT-R's 50th anniversary, with a limited-run version expected to follow. Nissan GT-R 2017 comes with an advanced, contemporary and premium interior cabin. Step inside and Nissan has brightened up the interior with specially commissioned Recaro front sport seats designed to offer ergonomic support for road and track use.

Of course, all of the great features of the lesser Z-cars, like bold colors and the classic long-hood proportions, are still present. At the back, a carbon-fiber diffuser takes that accelerated air and slows it down, creating a vacuum effect that helps the Nissan GT-R® stick to the road.

Other GT-Rs swept the FISA N-class podium at the Spa-Francochamps 24 Hour race in July 1990, and a Nissan works machine in Zexel colors took the first overall win for a Japanese car there the following year. After having been a fan of good, sporty Nissans my whole life (and having driven both generations Nissan Skyline GT-R of the GT-R's thematic rival the original and current NSX ), I was thrilled to finally get behind the wheel of this beast.

The 2018 Nissan GT-R performance coupe adds a new, lower-priced Pure model to the lineup. Perhaps the daddy of all Skyline-era GT-R special editions was this, the phenomenal Nismo Z-Tune. In January, 1999, the fifth generation of the Nissan Skyline GT-R was released.

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